Top Attractive Xmas Presents Below £10

posted on 15 May 2013 09:42 by cheapsextoys

Stocking fillers, secret Santa gifts, a final little present to put under the Christmas tree - whatever you’re after, my blog have a range of extra special and amazingly naughty Christmas gifts under a tenner!And not only are these sexy gifts cheap but they’re top rated as well, so you know you’re getting something that’ll really make them smile.So forget fighting through the crowds in Boots and wrestling that last box of chocolates from some poor old woman’s hands, shop online at my blog and have a hassle free, worry free Christmas - delivered free too!1. BASIC Sex Toys picobong moka Lady Lustfinger Mini Vibrator 3.49If they’ve never owned a vibrator or you want something small and inoffensive for a shy friend, the Lustfinger is one of the best presents you can buy! Available in Christmassy colours such as sparkling gold, shimmering silver and snow white, this multi-speed vibrator provides deep, resonating vibrations which will take her from zero to orgasm in no time!2. my blog 7 Function Magic Bullet 2.0 Mini Waterproof Vibrator 9.99You can’t go wrong with this cute bullet vibrator. Not only is it great for getting her off but it’s fun to use with a partner too - so the Christmas cheer can be spread even further! With seven pulsing, swelling and vibrating sensations male vibrators, this bullet is ideal .

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Planes and Trains: Commuting to the office with your honey? Taking a much needed trip away? Take advantage of those small bathrooms and cheap adult toyson planes and trains. One great tip that we have heard from mile-high club members is to bring an airsickness back with you to the bathroom. That way if you do get caught, you can ‘play’ that one of you is not feeling so well, and the other is there to comfort them. Just remember to zip up before you open the door.